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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Boston Airport WiFi Spat Now A "Security" Issue

Massport, which runs Boston's Logan Airport, has for some time been trying to force airlines to use its paid-access WiFi network in the airport instead of operating their own. This clearly usurps the authority of the FCC to regulate unlicensed spectrum -- authority the FCC has made clear belongs to it alone. Now, Massport is attempting to paint the issue as one of security, which American Airlines says masks the real reason the airport wants everyone to use its network -- money. Massport says that every airline running its own network "could jam radio frequencies used by the State Police and Transportation Security Administration", since apparently the TSA is testing using the airport network. Glenn Fleishman rightly wonders why critical emergency or security communications would use an unlicensed band, rather than dedicated public safety spectrum. Massport's security argument is bunk, and American's lawyer says that throughout talks about WiFi stretching back to last May, the airport's concerns were strictly commercial in nature. The bottom line is, whatever Massport believes, its authority doesn't supercede that of the FCC.

[via TechDirt]


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