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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is The Pushing Their Luck By Increasing Their Fees Again?

We've written in the past about how the Wall Street Journal risks losing relevance as it has taken itself out of the online discussion, just as more and more readers realize they can do without it, but it appears that some of the decision makers there are trying to push things as far as they can go, by continually raising the prices for access to the, causing more people to wonder whether or not it's still worth paying. It seems that the WSJ is caught in some sort of bind, right now. It wants to experiment more and join back in with the online conversation by doing things like having an occasional free story -- but the business folks are only looking at the bottom line and not the big picture. The reporting is still top notch in most cases, but the value may be decreasing as it doesn't allow itself to be part of the conversation.

[via TechDirt]


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