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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

States Still Looking At Laws Requiring eBay Users To Talk Fast

Perhaps we've found the real reason eBay overpaid for Skype: eBay users need some practice talking really fast. Earlier this year, we wrote about a series of obsolete state laws on auctions that failed to anticipate the internet and would technically require many eBay-based businesses to get an auctioneer's license including lots of training and classes in how to speak fast. Apparently, nothing has changed. Many states are still exploring what their laws mean for eBay sellers -- mainly for those in the consignment business, rather than the person next door selling their old stereo or whatever. Still, it's interesting that these states seem to be focusing on deciding whether or not existing state laws apply to eBay sellers, rather than whether or not it makes any sense at all -- and if, it doesn't, about changing the laws to actually apply to today's world.

[via TechDirt]


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